December 18, 2012 by stirling

Why should you start a business? Find out the advantages here

How many of you are getting ready to make it your New Year’s resolution to start a new business in 2013? Despite the still-weak economy, it’s actually a great time to become an entrepreneur. Here are ten reasons to start a business in 2013.

1. You are your own boss

If you start up your own business, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to do things your way and implement your own plans. Of course, you live or die by your decisions, but that’s what’s good about it isn’t it?

2. You get to do what you’re interested in

Would you rather be doing something else? The good thing about being an entrepreneur is that you choose what kind of firm you start up, and where. So, providing that you’ve done your research properly and there is a gap in the market, you can turn a hobby or interest into a profitable enterprise.

3. Your business = your deadlines

Start your own firm and you get to set and meet your own deadlines. Of course, you won’t be able to just lie in bed until 2pm thinking that you might do a few hours of work after your favourite television show has finished – you will need self-discipline. But meeting your own targets can be a huge motivation to work hard and drive the business forward.

4. Get creative

If you have considered going it alone, you will have thought out how you would do things your way. Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to express yourself and develop your concept in any way you choose. Of course, there are always financial constraints, but the ability to be as creative as you like is far more appealing than a one-dimensional job.

5. It’s not that hard to do

The news is full of stories about the amount of red tape and taxes that small businesses have to face on a daily basis. This is where Stirling can help you with –

  • A Business Plan
  • A budget / cash flow analysis
  • Appropriate structuring
  • Efficient bookkeeping set up

6. It can be very profitable

There are countless stories of entrepreneurs hitting on a great idea, exploiting it well and being well on their way to their first million by the end of the year. Although the start-up process can be tough, with long hours and little money not uncommon, if you run your business well, the rewards can be huge.

7. It’s varied

Dealing with spread sheets one minute, suppliers the next and then having a look around your new office – an entrepreneur’s work is not just busy, it is also extremely varied. Starting your own business will keep you on your toes and stretch your abilities to the maximum. If you want a career where every day is different, going it alone could be for you.

8. You can have a second career

Of course, if you don’t fancy giving up a regular income, you can always get the best of both worlds and stay as an employee while running your own firm. Although juggling the two can be tricky, having a successful sideline should be a very profitable option. Do something that you are interested in and go for it.

9. Cut the commute

Although most small firms operate from offices, many entrepreneurs find that operating from home reduces costs dramatically in the early stages. As well as providing familiar, comfortable surroundings to work in, if you are based at home you do not have to endure the daily tangle with public transport or clogged up roads.

Stirling can guide you through the tips and traps of having a home office.

10. The big dream really can become reality

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