September 27, 2012 by stirling

9 Tips for Secure Passwords – provided by our friends at Aftershock

Everything nowadays seems to require a password and coming up with unique, secure passwords can be difficult. Below are some ideas to help you create passwords that are more difficult for someone to guess and reduce security risks to you and your business:

  1. Choose passwords that you won’t often talk about or refer to in general conversation
  2. Build a keyboard pattern that would be difficult to guess and is fast to type eg. ,./’]\=
  3. Vary the character cases used eg. ApPle
  4. Use the first letter from each word in a phrase. Eg. Learn to crawl before you walk = Ltcbyw
  5. Convert words into numbers using your mobile phone number keypad.
  6. Combine words rather than use a single word eg. quickfox
  7. Separate word combinations with symbols or numbers eg. quick2fox
  8. Change your passwords regularly
  9. Vary passwords for multiple sites