December 5, 2012 by stirling

Get a high rate of interest on your Term Deposit

It is great news for families paying their mortgage that interest rates have been falling, but what about people that have saved money and have it on Term Deposit.  Rates have also been dropping and every time you renew your Term Deposit you are getting a lower rate, it is pretty frustrating.

You can shop around for a higher rate but that takes time out of the things you like to do like playing golf or lawn bowls or less time for crafting or spending time with the kids or grandkids.

We have the answer…. Stirling Accounting and Financial Solutions has access to some of the best rates in Australia and as an existing client of our business we are able to look after the administration for you and get you the rate you deserve.  You don’t need to go searching the internet and sending cheques to unknown banks.  We take care of all of that.

Here is an example, you can get 4.60% with the IMB for a term of 6 months if you have $5,000 to invest, similarly you can get between 4.00% and 4.70% with CUA depending on your investment amount.  The highest rate we can get for 6 months is 4.95%.  All the interest rate opportunities that we have access to are backed by the Commonwealth Government Bank Guarantee so you have the same peace of mind as you do using a bank in the area.  For a term of 9 months the best rate is 5.05% and 5 years is 5.70% for low investment of $1,000.

Next time your Term Deposit is falling due, why not give us a call ( 1300 133 316 )or drop into the office and see Debbie or Bronwen who will be able to find the best rate that suits you.  It costs you nothing to ask us to compare your renewal rate with our interest rate opportunities.

It is your money, why not make a bit more interest, it is better in your pocket.

*These figures were correct at the time of printing but are subject to change without notice, interest rates will be locked in at time of investment being received and processed by the institution.