October 14, 2012 by stirling

Below we will look at some key points when it comes to hosting a garage sale and getting rid of your stored junk for a few dollars. Remember, it all adds up and it doesn’t cost you anything to host a garage sale.

Picking a day and time

When holding a garage sale, it is important to choose a date and time that does not clash with any other major events in your area. Try and hold it on a Saturday and even Sunday also to get the maximum time possible for all your items to sell.
We held a garage sale recently and found that people appeared at all times of the day and were on the hunt for many a bargain.

Let everyone know!

Advertise your garage sale in the local papers and maybe even one of the larger papers in your area. People often check these sections for second hand products and at times you even have antique dealers and bargain hunters scanning for products they could possibly sell in their shops.

Use signs

Put signs up everywhere in your area. You will be amazed at how many locals will have nothing to do on the weekend and the thought of going through some garage sales that are only just down the road will seem appealing.
Try and put the signs in a circular pattern within 2kms of your house and area. That will draw the maximum number of locals without complicating the address and location.

Setting up for the sale

Price tag everything. If you think something is worth $5, put a tag on it for $3. Under value your junk as otherwise you may be expecting unrealistic returns. The way I figure, it was going in the bin anyway, so better to get 50cents then nothing.
Organise your items into logical tables of related contents. If you have books for sale, make a books table. If you have a bunch of old sports gear, label it ‘sports gear’ and put it in one section. People will naturally flock to items of interest and odds are they will buy multiple items with the above mentioned price tags.

One persons junk, is another persons treasure