We help you avoid the common tax traps and more

Paying too much tax is often a matter of not keeping track of all the legal deductions to which you are entitled. This can be caused by not knowing about them in the first place, or through insufficiently accurate bookkeeping and accounting.

Your Stirling team realises you’ve got a business to run and that the level of detail needed for accurate tax accounting continues to increase and become more complex.

Deductible expenses can easily be missed, as can the allowable limits for deduction. Many business people who do their own tax accounting have not received the most up-to-date ATO information, meaning they are working to outdated tax office criteria. Often, not being really sure, and lacking reliable information, they underestimate deductions ‘just to be safe’.

This is just one of many reasons you should talk to Stirling right now. Tax law is extremely complicated (and becoming more so). Our team of fully qualified accountants are more than tax agents just filling in the spaces on your return from figures you supply.

We fully understand the tax system, are up to date and most important of all are pro-active. We look for hidden problems (eg, stamp duties and capital gains issues) before they can catch you out.

For complete details of our taxation accounting services, please Contact Stirling and send us your details so we can get together to discuss your needs.