September 21, 2012 by stirling

Ever wondered what those weird black-and-white square codes are?

Here’s how to read them with an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or an Android smartphone.

.Nowadays, you can find QR (quick-response) codes on everything. These odd-looking, black-and-white, pixelated designs were originally used by the automotive industry, but today they are most often found in magazines, newspapers, and ads.

QR codes offer an efficient way to create links to websites, but they can also store text, phone numbers, email addresses, or calendar events, or send SMS messages. Here are some tips on how to use a QR app to access the data you want.

Step 1. You need a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera.

Step 2. You need a QR-code app ( go to your APP store & search for a QR Reader) For an iPhone I like QR Reader and it’s free!!!  Most of the apps are free so choose one you like.

Step 3. When you launch your app of choice, you’ll see that your phone’s camera is activated, with an on-screen framing guide.

Step 4. Line up the camera on your device with the QR code you want to scan, and hold the device steady until the app can read the code in front of it.

For the best results, aim your device squarely at the code, and not at an angle. Try to minimize any glare from stray light sources, and scan the code in an evenly lit environment. If the code is in direct sunlight, you may need to cover it with your hand for the app to read it properly.

When the app has recognized the QR code, it will beep and display the info the code contains.

You can use most QR-code apps for reading bar codes, too, which can be convenient for in-store price checks. Scanning a product’s bar code with RedLaser will bring up an item description, as well as a list of prices from online merchants that also sell that item.

Come into our office  and we’ll help you set it up and again it’s free!!!