Impartial, independent but tailored to your needs

No matter how well you run your business, there will always be times when you can use some independent advice that is unaffected by your company culture and ‘usual ways’ of doing things. In fact, we’ve assisted many businesses right from start up, helping them put together the right structure and financial recording and reporting systems.

Your own expertise in your field is just part of the equation for sustained business success. The need for accurate accounting, budgeting and business planning often gets pushed to the side by the daily pressures of taking care of your enterprise and your customers.

The most important part of the Stirling approach is that we enter fully into the spirit of your business. Meaning we don’t just mouth off  with a lot of text book stuff that could apply to anyone. We get to know your business and, in a broader sense, your industry.

We can even help you get to know your business better, with a unique computer application that enables you to rank your business and see how it ranks within the industry, both nationally and here in the Wollongong/Dapto area. This information is not only fascinating, it’s essential for your business planning.

And if you’re at the stage where you’re buying a business, make sure you talk to us first. We can help you spot all manner of hidden traps, such as unclear capital gains tax traps and other compliance issues that are easily overlooked in the excitement of making the deal.

For complete details of our business advisory services, please Contact Stirling to send us your contact details so we can get together to discuss your needs.